4 Things to Look for in a Florida PVC Fence & Vinyl Fence Manufacturer

There are quite a few vinyl fence manufacturers in South Florida and Central Florida, so how do you know which one to purchase your new vinyl fence from? Below are 5 prominent factors to consider when hiring a Florida vinyl fence manufacturer.


Oftentimes the bottom line of any new construction project will come down to the pricing that you pay for the material or service, and Florida PVC fencing manufacturers are no different.

It’s best practice to get several quotes for your vinyl fence project before you settle on any one PVC fence company, but the lowest-priced material is not always the best choice. In fact, the lowest-priced material is most likely the absolute worst choice, as the chemical composition of the PVC profiles themselves will not stand up to the natural stressors of the South and Central Florida climates.

Due to the unpredictability of weather and the harshness of the elements here in Florida, you want to make sure you install a product that will last. A new PVC fencing installation is expensive, and you want to ensure that the materials you buy will match the investment – something that will most likely cost more than the bare minimum prices.


In Florida, there are many types of vinyl fence styles available for purchase, such as vinyl privacy fence, vinyl picket fence, PVC semi-privacy fence, and many others – most of which come in various colors as white, tan, or wood grain options.

The problem is, depending on which manufacturer you purchase from, they won’t always have the style you want to get in stock.

Sometimes, they may not be able to get the profiles to make your style for days, weeks, or sometimes even months!

Always call around to the various PVC fence manufacturers in your South Florida or Central Florida area to determine who has the vinyl fencing style in stock that you want to buy, chances are that the best vinyl fence company will often have the most complete inventory as well.

Availability and Lead Time

Inventory and availability are two different things; many vinyl fencing manufacturers are extremely busy, and while they may have the product to complete your order, it can sometimes be weeks before they are able to complete it.

Lead times can vary wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer and can be affected by the time of year and also the global availability of resin, as well as many other factors. Make sure you ask your PVC fencing manufacturer what the lead time is for your order before you commit to your purchase.

Proximity to Your Property

Finally, Florida is a pretty big place – if you’re in Palm Beach County, for instance, you should purchase your vinyl fencing material from a Palm Beach County vinyl fence manufacturer. Typically, PVC fence manufacturers have a set service area and will not deliver outside of the counties within this area.

For example, we service Central Florida and South Florida, and deliver to all counties within these areas, but do not deliver outside of them.

Contact us today for details on how we fulfill the 4 requirements above and get started with a free material quote.