Vinyl Fence vs. Chain Link Fence in South or Central Florida

Chain link fences can be the perfect choice for commercial properties, and often a far more appropriate choice in comparison to vinyl fences. There are also vinyl-coated chain link models that offer a few different […]

Vinyl Fence vs. Aluminum Fence in South or Central Florida

The two most commonly used materials in residential fencing in Florida are vinyl or PVC, and aluminum. While aluminum fences only have one base style, and several slight variations on that base style, vinyl fences […]

How to Install a Vinyl Fence in South Florida or Central Florida

Installing a new vinyl fence on your own property can save you close to 50% on new project costs versus hiring a local fence contracting company. Thankfully, PVC fence materials are modular and fit together […]

How to Make a Vinyl Fence Layout in South or Central Florida

One of the first steps to purchasing new PVC fence material for your South or Central Florida residence or business is to properly plan your project with a vinyl fence layout. Every project is slightly […]

Why Use a Vinyl Fence or PVC Fence for Florida Hurricane Zones

Residential vinyl & PVC fences are great choices for hurricane fences in Florida For South Florida & Central Florida homes, PVC or vinyl fences are oftentimes the best solution to many problems, first and foremost […]

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