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    All Star PVC sells high-end contractor grade PVC fence material to Fort Lauderdale fence contractors, homeowners, and do-it-yourselfers. Our goal is to sell a great product at an appropriate price that goes on to last our Fort Lauderdale customers for a lifetime.

    For decades, our Homeland PVC fences have been installed on countless Fort Lauderdale properties and Fort Lauderdale fence projects. In fact, chances are pretty good that you’ve seen many of our white or colored vinyl fences in your very own neighborhood.

    We understand the Fort Lauderdale PVC fence building codes and guidelines

    Each city and county in South Florida has specific requirements for PVC fences that are installed within their boundaries. As a fully equipped PVC fence manufacturer, wholesaler, and fabricator, we will be able to provide you with signed and sealed documentation certifying that our product will pass unimpeded through the Fort Lauderdale permitting process.

    We will also make certain that the PVC fencing style that you choose is approved for use in Fort Lauderdale installations. Certain areas have hyper-specific requirements that you must abide by.

    On your search for the best Fort Lauderdale PVC fence company near you, consider All Star PVC and contact us for a completely free vinyl fence project estimate.

    Fort Lauderdale PVC Fence Supply & Wholesale Company

    All Star PVC is one of the top sources of contractor-grade vinyl fence panels, welded PVC gates, and vinyl fence & gate accessories in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    With locations in South Florida & and now in Central Florida, All Star PVC is a multi-location vinyl fence supply company that sells Homeland PVC products to homeowners and fence contractors in all areas of Ft. Lauderdale.

    As a coastal city, Fort Lauderdale is subject to the salt air of the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the proximity to the sea, homeowners in Ft. Lauderdale tend to install vinyl fences on their properties. PVC fence materials are engineered with sunlight inhibiting chemicals, impact-resistant design, and are made to withstand hurricane-force wind-loads.

    Fort Lauderdale is the largest city in Broward County, with a population of nearly 200, 000 residents which makes it the 10th largest in Florida. As the biggest Broward city, Fort Lauderdale contains about 100,000 homes, each needing a fence to provide privacy and security and many of which needing pool fences.

    Learn more about our vinyl fence supply company in Fort Lauderdale below, then contact us to receive a free PVC fence or gate estimate.

    What is the Best Vinyl Fence Style to Install in Fort Lauderdale, FL

    When considering the style of a vinyl fence panel to install on your Fort Lauderdale property, you must consider the following:

    • Does your Ft. Lauderdale HOA have special rules for vinyl fences in your neighborhood?
    • Are you on a commercial or residential property?
    • Do you have a pool?
    • Do you have pets or small children?
    • Are you located on a waterway such as a lake, a canal, or the intercoastal?
    • Are you installing your vinyl fence in front of your house?

    Does your Ft. Lauderdale HOA have special rules for vinyl fences in your neighborhood?

    Many Fort Lauderdale homeowners associations have specific requirements for vinyl fences installed within their borders. Some HOAs do not allow certain colors, or conversely, will only allow one color and no others.

    Certain Ft. Lauderdale HOAs restrict PVC fence styles and will not allow privacy fences, there are many cases where only semi-privacy or vinyl shadowbox fences are allowed.

    Always check with your HOA office before purchasing vinyl fence materials.

    Are you on a commercial or residential property?

    Homeowners and business owners in Fort Lauderdale will have very different requirements for vinyl fences.

    For example, residential properties are only allowed to have vinyl fences that are 6′ in height, whereas commercial properties can install PVC fence panels in heights up to 8′.

    Do you have a pool?

    Vinyl pool fences in Fort Lauderdale are very common because roughly 1/3 of all Fort Lauderdale homes have a pool installed in the backyard.

    South Florida pool code PVC fence code states require that your vinyl pool fence be a certain height and have special pool gate hardware.

    Vinyl picket fence panels are often used to enclose Fort Lauderdale pools, but shadowbox fences are also a popular option.

    All Star PVC offers a pool-code version of PVC shadowbox fencing that will meet Fort Lauderdale building code for pool fence enclosures.

    Do you have pets or small children?

    Yards that are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL where small children or small pets are active, will need special consideration when choosing a vinyl fence panel or gate style.

    Vinyl picket fences that have spacing large enough for smaller being to fit through will not be a good option for example.

    Our PVC semi-privacy fences with a middle rail that is not raised can also be used by a small children to climb and potentially injure themselves. Consult your vinyl fence professional to discuss all of your options.

    Are you located on a waterway such as a lake, a canal, or the intercoastal?

    Broward County, and specifically Fort Lauderdale, contains many properties neighborhoods that are built with at least one side facing a nearby waterway, with many backyards having dock or direct water access.

    Fort Lauderdale has many building codes that are specific to properties of this nature such as height restrictions, pool-code adherence, style restrictions, and visibility requirements.

    Speak with the Fort Lauderdale building department today in order to determine if your property falls under these restrictions.

    Are you installing your vinyl fence in front of your house?

    If you want to install a vinyl fence in your Fort Lauderdale front yard, you will need to install a panel that doesn’t exceed 4′ in height.

    Any vinyl fences that are installed beyond the front face of your property cannot be a standard 6′ height due to restrictions put in place to prevent visibility issues for local drivers and law enforcement.


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