How Long Does a PVC Fence or Vinyl Fence Last in South Florida?

When considering a fencing style to use in your South Florida fence installation project, you should always consider longevity and durability first and foremost.

Here in South Florida, our outdoor building materials are subject to many degenerative factors including acts of God, salt-air, humidity, insects, and many more occurrences that are not typically a concern for homeowners and fence contractors outside of this state.

For instance, wooden fences, even pressure-treated ones, are simply no match for most significant hurricanes, whereas vinyl fences are designed to not only withstand greater wind-loads, but to also prevent total system failure with built-in fail-safes, such as the ability to allow wind to blow part of the panel out in order to save the PVC fence as a whole, but lose a few pieces in the process.

In this article, we will discuss the factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a fencing material, which fencing material is best for South Florida, and how long these fencing materials tend to last over the span of decades.

What are the factors that determine how long a vinyl fence can last in South Florida?

Vinyl fences, or PVC fences, are incredibly durable and can last 20-30 years or more if taken care of and installed correctly.

Not all vinyl fences are created equal, however, for instance, a Home Depot vinyl fence may not last nearly as long as a vinyl fence from us. There are many grades of material available, so make certain to choose the right manufacturer.

Here are some more things to look out for when determining how long your South Florida PVC fence will last:

  • What grade of vinyl fence do you have? Consumer or contractor grade?
  • Darker colored vinyl fences tend to last fewer years due to their interaction with the suns’ energy
  • If you have lawncare professionals who damage your fence regularly, it might not last as long
  • Did you buy your vinyl fence from a big box store? Or from a trusted local vinyl fence wholesaler?
  • Using more concrete per post, and longer, heavier posts, will add years to your PVC fences’ lifespan
  • If your city uses well-water for irrigation, your vinyl fence may get stained and discoloured by it

How does vinyl fence and PVC fence compare to other fence styles?

There are several alternative types of fencing materials available for installation in South Florida in addition to PVC fencing, but these are the main four:

  1. Wood Fence
  2. Aluminum Fence
  3. Chain-link Fence
  4. Metal Sheet Fence

Wood Fence VS. Vinyl Fence Longevity in South Florida

There is no comparison between the two styles, wooden fences, by design, are not meant to last forever. Since they are made of organic material, they will always degrade when interacting with other organic elements. And in South Florida, there are many organic elements that decay wooden structures, such as salt, humidity, wind, and insect life.

Aluminum Fence VS. Vinyl Fence Longevity in South Florida

Extruded aluminum fences are a great alternative to vinyl picket fences, as aluminum is very resistant to corrosion and organic decay. There are many aluminum fence styles that are available, however, they are primarily rail and picket-based with no privacy options. They are a great choice for around pools in South Florida and can last decades.

Chain-link Fence VS. Vinyl Fence Longevity in South Florida

Chain link fences, especially vinyl coated chain link fences, tend to last longer than wood, but will eventually corrode due to interaction with salty South Florida air. They are almost impervious to wind damage, as they are almost totally transparent, but once again, there are no privacy options, which makes the usefulness of this particular style very little to the average residential property owner.

Metal Fence VS. Vinyl Fence Longevity in South Florida

Aluminum sheeting fences, or Durafence, is a very popular privacy fencing material available almost exclusively in South Florida. This is the only private alternative to wooden and vinyl privacy fence panels, which makes this very popular. This is a relatively new fencing material to the South Florida market, so unfortunately not enough time has elapsed in order to know its true worth. But, similar to standard aluminum fences, aluminum itself is a hearty material capable of lasting decades.

Why Choose Vinyl Fence or PVC Fence in South Florida?

Ultimately, the choice comes down to what you need (privacy, or pool fencing,) and other factors such as your budget, and the exterior design of your home.

Without a shadow of a doubt, vinyl fences last the longest out of any fencing material – especially in South Florida.

There are many PVC fencing installations throughout Broward, Palm Beach, Miami, Monroe, and the surrounding areas that were originally installed 20-30 years ago, and are still standing.

Throughout numerous hurricanes, and decades of weathering, these vinyl fences are going strong.

So when you’re choosing a fencing style for your South Florida fence installation, choose the right product – choose vinyl fence.