Tips for PVC fence permitting in South Florida

Your first step when installing a new PVC fence project on your South Florida property is to consider whether or not you need a permit, and if you do, to obtain your permit prior to installation.

As a South Florida property owner, you have a right to obtain your own permit via the owner/builder method. If you choose to install your vinyl fence material yourself instead of working with a licensed contractor, this method is your path to acquiring your permit.

Alternatively, you can choose to hire a licensed and insured South Florida fence company to oversee your project and to intermediate the permitting process for you.

Choosing not to pull a permit prior to project installation is often considered, but is not recommended.

Learn how to weigh your options in order to make the best decision on how to approach the permit process for your South Florida PVC fence project in the article below.

Do you need a permit?

In most cases, the answer to this question is yes, but you should always check your local municipalities’ building code requirements for PVC fencing installations within the residential portions of their borders.

When replacing a small portion of your fence with the exact same type of fence or when repairing a damaged portion of your existing fence, you will most likely not need a permit.

Any new PVC fence construction on your South Florida property will require permitting, especially if you are located in zones that are designated to be at higher risk due to proximity to hurricane pathing.

Obtaining your own permit as a South Florida property owner

As an owner of property in South Florida, you are entitled to obtain your own permit via the owner/builder method.

This method prevents you from having to hire or work with a licensed fencing contractor but requires you to complete paperwork, obtain notary signatures, file paperwork, and do other important tasks on your own.

You will also need to obtain our product engineering documents and be able to submit a valid and recent copy of your property survey.

Should you choose to install your PVC fencing material yourself, this method is how you would obtain your permit prior to self-installation.

Hiring a South Florida PVC fence installation company

There are many experienced and trustworthy PVC fence installation businesses near you. A simple search on Google for local fence contractors will give you many options.

Reviews will be a valuable metric when determining which companies to invite out to your property for an estimate.

You should also consider average rating, as a higher average rating will typically equate to a higher than average service level overall.

What happens if you do not pull a permit on your next vinyl fence installation project in South Florida?

Many individuals installing their own PVC fences in South Florida consider the possibility of circumventing the permitting process in order to save time and/or money.

We recommend following the rules and obtaining a permit for a few reasons:

  1. Using a survey and going through the proper zoning approvals for your specific property often results in a more appropriate result and also results in a reduction of costly errors such as improper encroachments.
  2. Installing the correct material for your location could prevent property damage from severe weather and contributes to the overall look for each South Florida municipality.
  3. Avoid fines in the event that you get caught installing new construction materials by local code enforcement.

Should you choose to install without obtaining a permit, make sure that you adhere to local building codes and that you install within your property lines. This will minimize problems should you get caught.

How to get started with your PVC fence permitting project

Contact your local cities’ building department and ask their customer service representative the exact steps to obtain a PVC fence or vinyl fence permit in your specific area. They should be able to tell you which paperwork you will need to complete, the steps you will need to follow to file that paperwork, and other information you will need to know.

You may also contact our office at (561) 735-8842 and we can help you navigate any difficulties you are having.