What to Look for in a Coral Springs Fence Company

Coral Springs is a thriving city of 24 square miles located in Broward County, FL, and is home to roughly 140,000 residents as of the 2020 census.

There are about 50,000 homes located in Coral Springs, and each one of them must have at least one fence installed on the property, many of which are vinyl fences.

Since Coral Springs has stricter building code requirements when it comes to fencing, you should choose your Coral Springs fence company carefully to ensure that your newly installed fence conforms to your local laws and HOA requirements.

Make sure your Coral Springs fence company is licensed and insured

Many Coral Springs fence contractors are licensed and insured, but there are also some cheaper ones that are not.

Always make sure that you screen your contractors before you allow them to work on your property, because if they happen to hit a utility line, guess who is going to be liable for that damage?

It may be tempting to cut costs on your Coral Springs fencing installation project by hiring a cheaper contractor, but in this case, you really gety what you pay for – skimping on the installation costs can end up hurting you in the long run, especially if something goes wrong during installation or if the fence is installed improperly.

Choose the right Coral Springs fence style

Coral Springs has strict requirements for fencing styles allowed, here is what the city website has to say about it:

  • Vinyl Chain Link – Slats made of metal, vinyl or any other material (interwoven throughout the links) are not allowed. Black, green or bronze are the only allowed colors.
  • PVC – semi private only (Ex. Shadowbox style, or board on board with 9” to 15” lattice on top) – not allowed on waterside
  • Wood – semi private only (Ex. Shadowbox style, or board on board with 9” to 15” lattice on top) – not allowed on waterside
  • Aluminum Rail
  • Opaque fences are prohibited along rear of property if facing a waterway.

Always get a permit for your Coral Springs fence installation

There is never an exception for installing a new fence in Coral Springs without a permit, unfortunately, there is a waiting period and a fee associated with obtaining this permit, but it’s always a best practice to permit any new work done on your home – especially if it’s visible from the outside.

Additionally, Coral Springs is one of the more strict Broward County cities, and all work is heavily monitored by city employees to make certain that newly installed fencing structures match up with their specific building code requirements.

Buy the fence material direct and install it yourself

If you are confident in your ability to handle intermediate home improvement projects, then you can purchase your fencing material directly from a local manufacturer and install it yourself.

As a homeowner, you can also obtain your permit directly from the city prior to installing your fencing material – cutting the fencing installation company out of the equation is a great way to save a considerable amount of money on your installation; typically about 50% off!

The easiest style of fencing material to install in Coral Springs is vinyl fence, although in you are only allowed to install vinyl shadowbox fence, or vinyl privacy fence with an accent top such as lattice or picket accent.

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